Who Views Your Instagram Profile?

It has become a way for us to search, communicate, and share the most memorable moments. People are often looked up to for a variety of reasons: to follow, to learn more about, or simply for curiosity. Some helpful tips on how to find out who views your Instagram profile are provided below.

By using Instagram stories or converting your Instagram account to a business account, you can find users. What makes that possible? How can I find out who has viewed my profile? Is there an app or a specific technique I can use? It is not possible to do this with Instagram, since there is no in-built feature for it. There are still some techniques you can use to find users who have viewed your profile.

Method 1

How to see who views your Instagram profile using Instagram stories

This is not an inbuilt feature, but a way to observe who visits your profile. You can also find out who visited your Instagram timeline by making certain changes to your settings.

In order to see who is stalking your profile, follow these steps:

  • Your profile picture can be seen in the bottom left corner of your Instagram stories if you open your Instagram account and click on it.
  • There is now a list of all the people who have seen your story, including those who are not connected to you on Instagram.
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Who Views Your Instagram Profile? 9

This method also allows you to find and block users with whom you don’t want to share your story. For this, follow these steps:

  • Simply click on the menu button next to the user’s name to access the menu
  • You will now be able to block your Instagram stalkers by selecting the ‘Hide story’ option.

Method 2

Instagram Business Account to find your Instagram Stalkers

With an Instagram business account, users can access extra features not available to private users. You can access all the data related to your Instagram usage and reach with an Instagram business account.

In addition to gender, age, location, and when people are online, you can also find out how many people are visiting your profile. But there’s a twist: you won’t know who visited your profile because you can’t find their names.

Changing your account to a business account is the right thing to do if these insights have been helpful.

To do so, follow these steps:

Instagram Business Account to find your Instagram Stalkers
Who Views Your Instagram Profile? 10
  • You can access your Instagram account by clicking here. Navigate to settings.
  • Switch to a business profile by clicking on ‘Switch to a business profile
  • Further, your Instagram account can be linked to your Facebook profile

You will be asked to choose which contact information to pull from your Facebook page following this step. The reason for this is that Instagram business accounts require at least one contact information. Your Instagram business account is now ready to use and provides adequate stalker information.

You should remember

Several third-party apps claim to reveal who has viewed your Instagram profile, but unfortunately, they rarely do.

You may even find scammers promising such things in exchange for your account credentials and money. Hence, beware of such predators who may use your Instagram account information for malicious purposes. You cannot know who views your Instagram profile.

Does your Instagram profile show who views it?

Knowing who views your Instagram profile is crucial when it comes to knowing how to do so. Sadly, it is not possible for you to find out who has viewed your Instagram profile.

Although the methods mentioned above can show who has seen your Instagram profile, they cannot prove that they have stalked you. Apps from third parties make false promises, and Instagram cannot let this happen since it will damage its reputation.

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