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Top 10 Prettiest Sonic the Hedgehog Girls

10. Amy Rose

Amy Rose is a tough and independent but feminine and beautiful Sonic girl who has a heart of gold and is always ready to help her friends.

9. Blaze the Cat

Blaze the Cat is a beautiful and powerful Sonic girl from another dimension who is fierce, determined, loyal to her friends, and has a kind-hearted nature.

8. Cream the Rabbit

Cream the Rabbit is a cute and innocent-looking Sonic girl with big blue eyes, bunny ears, and an adorable outfit that adds to her charm.

7. Rouge the Bat

Rouge the Bat is a stunning and confident Sonic girl who is a jewel thief and knows how to use her looks to get what she wants.

6. Sally Acorn

Sally Acorn is a beautiful and brave Sonic girl who is the leader of the Freedom Fighters and always stands up for what she believes in while being fashionably dressed.

5. Mina Mongoose

Mina Mongoose, a tough and joyous Sonic girl, is committed to her pals and always eager to help.

4. Fiona Fox

Fiona Fox is a feisty but kind-hearted Sonic girl known for her beautiful red hair, wearing a yellow tank top and shorts, and caring deeply for her friends and family.

3. Elise the Hedgehog

Elise the hedgehog is a beautiful and unique Sonic girl with light peach fur, long curled quills, big blue eyes, and a blue sleeveless dress with white frills.

2. Wave the Swallow

Wave the Swallow, a skilled surfer, is one of the prettiest Sonic girls with blue feathers and long hair usually tied in a ponytail.

1. Marine the Raccoon

Marine the Raccoon's huge, brilliant eyes, lush lashes, charming button nose, well maintained fur coat, and stunning physique make her one of Sonic's loveliest heroines.

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