The 9 best women  volleyball players in the world


Kim Yeon-koung

Many consider this South Korean volleyball star the best ever. Kim dominates the court with her powerful spikes and great court vision.


Yekaterina Gamova

Second-best female volleyballer. 6'6" Gamova dominates women's volleyball. Her jumping and shooting are exceptional.


Zhu Ting

This Chinese star dominates the game. Zhu terrorises opponents with her strong arm and court awareness. She's our third-best female volleyball player.


Hélia Souza

This Brazilian star is fast and agile on the court. Her speed and aggression make her a fan favourite and a dangerous opponent.


Brenda Castillo

Castillo is another women's volleyball star. She's become one of the world's top female volleyball players with her precision and ability.


Lioubov Sokolova

Russian star Sokolova is recognised for her defence and agility. She's a valuable teammate.


Yevgeniya Artamonova-Estes

Russian hitter Artamonova-Estes has great arm strength and plays aggressively. She's the 7th best female volleyball player ever.


Thaisa Menezes

This Brazilian middle blocker is renowned for her blocking and all-around game. Any team that gets her benefits from her.


Sheilla Castro

Castro is a Brazilian volleyball legend. She's the 9th best women's volleyball player of all time thanks to her great court vision and strong arm.

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