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9 The Rudest States   In America You Should Know About

California ranks 9th on the list of rudest states with the most rude cities, including LA and San Francisco, and a rudeness score of 58.82.

9. California

Providence, Rhode Island has a 0.26% rudeness rating and a Best Life rudeness score of 59.17.

8. Rhode Island

Boston ranks 4th in unfriendliness, 20th in rudeness, and 1.5% overall rudeness.

7. Massachusetts

Utah is 0.1% impolite, 3.6% unpleasant drivers, 19th for unfriendliness, and 5th for harsh customer service, with Salt Lake City being the rudest city with a Best Life rudeness score of 62.32.

6. Utah

Alaska ranks 14th in unfriendliness, third in rude customer service, and third in Best Life rudeness with 3.1% of drivers being nasty.

5. Alaska

Iowa ranks fourth in harsh customer service (64.19 from Best Life) but 22nd in unfriendliness (4.1%) and rude driving (4.1%).

4. Iowa

Seattle is the rudest city in Washington state, with a Best Life rudeness score of 67.74.

3. Washington

Despite a low rudeness rate (0.14%), Virginia Beach and Richmond are the rudest cities in the state, with a Best Life rudeness score of 77.19.

2. Virginia

New York is the rudest state in America with a high percentage of rude people, rude drivers, and unfriendliness, resulting in a rudeness score of 100.05 by Best Life.

1. New York

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