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9 of America's Most Iconic First Ladies

Martha Washington hosted parties, promoted girls' education, and helped the poor, but she felt like a state prisoner throughout her husband's administration.

9. Martha Washington

Betty Ford started the Betty Ford Centre for substance misuse and spoke out on difficult matters.

8. Betty Ford

Lady Bird Johnson, a woman environmentalist, beautified America's roadways, preserved redwood trees, founded the Wildflower Centre, and authored her memoir.

7. Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson

Hillary Clinton, the only First Lady to run for president, was her husband's co-president and a policymaker.

6. Hillary Rodham Clinton

While in office, Michelle Obama championed military families, LGBTQ rights, children nutrition and education, and local communities.

5. Michelle Obama

Dolley Madison, a popular First Lady, hosted political banquets, refurbished the White House, and sponsored orphans.

4. Dolley Madison

Jackie Kennedy supported civil rights and the ACS. After JFK's assassination, she recorded presidential oral histories.

3. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Abigail Adams, the second First Lady, sent many letters to her husband and was known as "Mrs. President" due to her influence.

2. Abigail Adams

Eleanor Roosevelt's weekly news conferences and media appearances promoted women's equality, racial rights, and low-income housing.

1. Theodore Roosevelt

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