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8 Small Towns In The United States Known For Weird Things

8: Leavenworth, WA:

Leavenworth, WA, a Bavarian-style village, is known for its quirky storefronts, annual Oktoberfest, and Nutcracker Museum.

7: Centralia, PA:

Centralia, PA, has been burning since 1962 due to an underground coal fire. The fire has turned the town into a ghost town, with only a few residents remaining.

6: Casey, IL

In Casey, IL, you can find a variety of giant objects, including the world's largest mailbox, rocking chair, and wind chime.

5. Roswell, NM:

Roswell, NM, is famous for the Roswell UFO incident of 1947. The town has embraced its alien history and hosts an annual UFO festival.

4. Wallace, ID:

Wallace, ID, is home to the Center of the Universe, a manhole cover that marks the geographic center of the town.

3: Austin, TX:

In Austin, TX, you can find the Cathedral of Junk, a three-story structure made entirely of recycled materials, including bicycle parts and kitchen utensils.

2: Gibsonton, FL:

Gibsonton, FL, was once a winter haven for circus performers. The town is now home to the International Independent Showmen's Museum and sideshow performers.

1: urlington, VT:

In Burlington, VT, you can visit the world's only Teddy Bear Factory, where you can see how teddy bears are made and even create your own.

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