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8 Astonishing Facts You Didn’t Know About Lana Del Rey

Famous American singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey pioneered "sadcore." Her mournful songs are about love, loss, and death. 

No. 1

Lana Del Rey may not appear to be the sporty type, but did you know that she is a soccer aficionado and supports Liverpool FC?

No. 2

Elizabeth Woolridge Grant is the given name of Lana Del Rey, while Lizzy is her moniker.

No. 3

Del Rey, of Scottish origin, was born in Manhattan on June 21, 1985.She has two younger siblings, Caroline and Charlie.

No. 4

Rob Grant, the patriarch of Del Rey, became a multimillionaire online by investing in domain names.

No. 5

As a child, Del Rey developed a dread of mortality, which negatively impacted her mental health, resulting in anxiety and depression.

No. 6

She turned to alcohol as a result of her grief over the eventual demise of her loved ones.

No. 7

Del Rey attended a Catholic school and was raised in a religious environment.

No. 8

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