Viral Video Shows Bride and Groom Hookah Kiss

The bride and groom share an intimate moment on their wedding stage has been ignited by a video that has gone viral on social media.

A discussion about whether or not it is appropriate for a bride and groom to share an intimate moment on their wedding stage has been ignited by a video that has gone viral on social media. The video clip, which serves as evidence of the couple’s love for hookah, shows them making out while they are smoking shisha.

One can see the bride standing next to the groom, who is dressed formally in a suit, and the bride is wearing an absolutely stunning lehenga in a shade of maroon. Before she kisses the groom, the bride draws from the hookah and takes a drag.

At the conclusion of the video, the two individuals extinguish the smoke with their breath. The video, which was published two days ago, has received a significant amount of attention and has elicited a variety of responses from viewers.

Over sixty thousand people have watched the movie, which has prompted an outpouring of responses. While some found the moment to be endearing, several people speculated that the stunt had been carried out with the intention of gaining notoriety.

 In response to the video, one user commented, “Famous honke liye bhi Kuch chalega (anything, to get famous),” which literally translates to “anything, to get famous.” Relatively recently, another bride’s Public Display of Affection (PDA) at her wedding went viral on the internet.

At the beginning of the video, we see the groom attempting to put a mangalsutra around the bride’s neck while she waits for the appropriate time to sneak a kiss. This is an unusual occurrence in traditional Indian weddings.

The groom appeared to be focused on conducting the rite in the mandap when all of a sudden; the bride gave him a peck kiss on the lips, which caught him completely off guard. The pinnacle of kissing each other on the lips action.

Although some people thought the clip was adorable, others interpreted it as an act of assimilation into western culture. In the west, particularly at Catholic weddings, the ceremony will typically come to a close with the couple kissing at the altar in front of the other guests after the priest has said his final words.

One user remarked, “Indians are adopting western culture,” while another user replied, “This is what happens when people assume western culture is better than the Indian culture.” One person voiced their approval of the couple and responded to their critics by saying, “Jealous people, keep your harsh remarks to yourself.”

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