NYC’s Union League Club divided over honoring Donald Trump with portrait in Republican stronghold

Snooty Republican stronghold the Union League Club is divided over a portrait of President Trump, Page Six hears.

There’s a long tradition (is there any other kind at a club opened in 1863?) of commissioning imposing oil portraits of Republican presidents for its Murray Hill clubhouse.

But three years after Trump left office (for the first time, at least) honchos at the club — which has boasted 15 presidents as members — are still wrangling over whether to honor native New Yorker Don with his own majestic mug shot.

Said one source familiar with the situation, “Across the entry hall, in a long event room, hang portraits of United States presidents. They include… every Republican president, except one. While Richard Nixon is at least consigned to a shadowy corner, Trump is conspicuously missing.”

Donald Trump
Club members are split on whether to commission a Trump painting.
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“There’s a group that’s agitating for a portrait. There are members who think Trump did a lot of good things, even if his personality leaves a lot to be desired,” said another insider.

Meanwhile, “some members think he’s hurting the party. Some won’t let him go.”

Club members
The club has been a Republican stronghold since its foundation during the Civil War and has counted 15 presidents among its members.
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We’re told that Trump didn’t make any friends when Union League’s overseers invited him to speak during the 2020 campaign, we hear.

One insider recalls, “Trump asked, ‘Will there be reporters?’ He was told ‘Absolutely not! You won’t be quoted.’ He said, ‘No reporters? I won’t be quoted? Then I’m not coming.’”

Donald Trump
Some members say Trump is a credit to the party; others think he’s putting it at risk.
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(It is said that the club’s unofficial motto was long considered to be “no women, no dogs, no reporters, and no Democrats.”)

Both Bushes turned up for the unveiling of their portraits.

A rep for the Union Club didn’t get back to us.

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