Twilight to become a TV Series!

Soon, the “Twilight” story will shine again! In the late 2000s, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson played Edward Cullen and Bella Swan in a film series based on Stephenie Meyer’s hugely popular book series of the same name. The franchise’s success has continued to live on in pop culture history.

More than a decade after the last movie in the “Twilight” series came out and almost three years after Meyer’s long-awaited “Midnight Sun,” Edward, Bella, Jacob Black, and the rest of the Cullen gang will soon be back in the popular lexicon! “Twihards” can be happy, because “Twilight” is being turned into a TV show!

The TV version of “Twilight” comes a little more than a year after Ashley Greene, who played Alice, Edward’s sister, started a show about the books that was full of memories. The Blast already knew about Greene’s big surprise.

Twilight to become a TV Series!
Twilight to become a TV Series!

Twilight to become a TV Series!

The actress announced the show on Instagram in March 2022, saying that she and co-host Melanie Howe would rewatch the movies and talk about them for “The Twilight Effect.” Since the show started, cast and crew members have come on as guests to talk about their experiences and share their thoughts. Greene and Howe have talked about “Midnight Sun” and its loyal fans.

In November 2022, Peter Facinelli, who played Dr. Carlisle Cullen, shows up in an episode! Our sources say that Greene was moved to start a podcast about rewatching “Twilight” because the movie is always talked about on social media and is always available on streaming services!

Greene told Entertainment Weekly last year, “All of a sudden, people were talking about this again, and I started seeing some of our original fans rewatching, but we also had a bunch of new fans who were experiencing it for the first time.”

She also said that she knew the show was popular because of streaming. Fans of “Twilight” will soon have a new reason to watch the movie again. The Hollywood Reporter said Wednesday that a TV show based on the book is being made.

According to the outlet, there aren’t many concrete facts about its growth right now. The series still doesn’t have a way to watch it online, and none of the authors have anything to do with it. Lionsgate “plans to lead the project’s development before shopping the rights to the package.”

According to THR, “there is no timeline for when the ‘Twilight’ series will be made available to potential buyers,” because the studio’s goal is to find a writer for the project. Meyer seems to be involved in making the series, so it will have her stamp of approval.

At this point, no one knows what Meyer’s exact job is. The news spread quickly on social media, and people on Twitter gave their thoughts! Bobbi Miller, who makes material about pop culture and hosts the podcast “The Afternoon Special,” tweeted many different points of view.

“This will work for me only if it’s not serious,” she wrote. Make it a series with all the ideas Stephanie Meyer had for the book that didn’t make it.” “It would be cool if every episode was directed and written by a female duo,” she said.

Catherine Hardwicke and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg did a lot to give the first “Twilight” movie its own mood. She thought, “How about a get-together of Karen Kusama and Diablo Cody?”

“I know Hollywood is a very cynical money-grabbing industry,” Hanna wrote, “but I feel like they don’t really understand the lightning-in-a-bottle success of works like [Harry Potter] and [Twilight] [crying emoji].”

Nora Dominick, a TV producer, said on Twitter that the idea of Twilight being made into a TV show is worse than the “Harry Potter” TV show, which she liked because it was silly and fun, and because Rob and Kristen were “IT.”

“People, why would we do it again?” One fan wrote, “I’m going to pack while listening to the “Twilight” soundtrack and pretending this is all a joke that won’t amount to anything.” Another fan said, “The only way I’d be interested in a Twilight reboot is if they went into more detail about vampire history and people’s pasts, which the movies didn’t do.”

“Nothing or no one will ever be able to match what Rob and Kristen did with Bella and Edward; they were PERFECT.” The whole cast was great, and those personalities have stuck in my mind. “Perfection can’t be made again…” Someone else said something on Twitter. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart may or may not be in the series.