Tiffany Haddish Not Alone, Throws Shade at Ex’s New Beau

Tiffany Haddish is being mean and nasty to her ex-boyfriend Common because he forgot to give her a gift. The artists’ relationship, which began in the middle of the year 2020, stole our hearts. The flowers of their relationship have since fallen off, giving fuel to rumors that the rapper is now seeing Jennifer Hudson.

In a recent post on social media, the “Girls Trip” star seemed to reveal that she and her new boyfriend were dating while making fun of her ex-boyfriend. What does the comedian think about the guy she used to date? Just keep reading to find out.

After answering a TikTok user’s question about the “Glory” singer, the actress from “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent” left fans with mixed feelings. The Haddish fan said that they sent her a gift through the hip-hop star.  “I’m still waiting to see if Common gave you the earrings I gave him for you when he came to Charlotte,” a reviewer wrote in the actress’s comments, prompting the Los Angeles native to answer in a video.

Tiffany Haddish Not Alone, Throws Shade at Ex's New Beau
Tiffany Haddish Not Alone, Throws Shade at Ex’s New Beau

Tiffany Haddish Not Alone

The comedian, who is known for playing dirty characters with mean lips, didn’t hold back when she blasted her ex-boyfriend for not giving her the earrings he said he would. The 43-year-old woman said, “Girl, he never gave me any damn earrings,” and then she joked, “He probably gave those to Jennifer.”

The speaker of “Like a Boss” kept smiling the whole time, possibly to show that the whole thing was a joke. If fans are to be believed, talking about her ex and the woman he was said to be seeing might have put a cloud over her marriage. Some people laughed at Haddish‘s snarky comment, but others found her words upsetting because they thought she was angry and bitter.

In the first TikTok video that led the fan to find the earrings, the Grammy winner said that she was single. During a social media trend set to Natalie Cole’s hit song “This Will Be (An Everlasting Love),” the singer said she was “single but not alone.” After she admitted it, the comedian’s fans said that her latest TikTok was a selfish move. “That’s stupid.

Don’t guess about what he gave another woman; say what you think. That’s like a child. “You sound like a scorned woman,” a mad fan said. One of Hudson’s fans said, “You talk about being an EGOT person, but you don’t even have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.” Tshongobubi, tshongobubi.” Another Jhud fan said, “Don’t say Jennifer’s name in your answer.”

How you feel should be normal. Honor his choice and move on.” After the molestation incident, more people told Haddish to forget the past, while others criticized her for not staying out of the spotlight. “Stop hating people and being a slob, and stop worrying about sexual assault allegations.”

A troll said, “It sounds like you’re crazy.” “GIRLLLLL… someone sounds crazy (he probably didn’t want to have kids with someone who sexually abused them for money),” wrote another critic. Haddish’s fans praised their queen for speaking the truth, so the haters didn’t take over the comments area.

“No one in these replies is unhappy with this answer. One fan said, “It’s really asf, and he’s with Jenny now, so he probably gave them to her.” “You got out of there alive.””He’s just a serial dater of well-known black women in the business,” said another friend to the star.

A third added, “We know whose talk show she won’t be on, lol… keep shining.” Last month, the actress from “Night School” made news when it came out that she had met a new boyfriend outside of the film industry. The paparazzi got her on a date with Bitcoin investor Marvin Jones. She is from Los Angeles.

After a delicious breakfast in Studio City, the couple enjoyed a warm dessert while kissing in public. Haddish was excited as she hugged her attractive new boyfriend. After her painful split, she deserved to be happy.

Fans might remember that in 2021, the author of “The Last Black Unicorn” split up with Common. A source says that the couple broke up because they had too much going on in their lives. An insider said, “They’re never in the same city together, and they’re both too busy for a serious relationship.”

A year after they broke up, the “Just Wright” star was seen out to dinner with his supposed new girlfriend, Hudson. In March, the famous singer celebrated the rapper’s 51st birthday on Instagram, which led to rumors that the two were together.