The True Reason CNN Fired Don Lemon, According to Insiders

The True Reason CNN Fired Don Lemon, According to Insiders

Don Lemon announced on April 24 that he had been fired from his position at CNN. CNN This Morning co-anchor Don Lemon issued a statement on Twitter regarding the network’s decision, describing himself as “stunned.”

However, the news may not come as much of a surprise to viewers, as Lemon has been making headlines for his behavior since the beginning of the year, and according to insiders, the problem is even more pervasive. Continue reading to discover what they claim was the true reason Lemon was fired.

The True Reason CNN Fired Don Lemon According to Insiders
The True Reason CNN Fired Don Lemon, According to Insiders 10

On Monday’s episode of CNN This Morning, Lemon appeared as usual, but viewers were unaware that it would be his last appearance. In his tweet, Lemon stated that his agent notified him of his termination via email.

“I am stunned,” wrote Lemon. “After seventeen years at CNN, I would have expected someone in management to have the decency to inform me explicitly. No indication was ever given that I would not be able to continue doing the work I have enjoyed at the network.”

Lemon added, “It is evident that there are larger issues at play,” extending gratitude to his coworkers and team. They are the most gifted journalists in the industry, and I wish them the greatest of luck.

CNN initially stated in a tweet that Lemon and the network had “parted ways,” implying that the split was amicable.

“Don will forever be a part of the CNN family, and we thank him for his contributions over the past 17 years,” CNN Communications wrote. “We wish him well and will be cheering him on in his future endeavors.”

After Lemon issued his own statement, however, the network changed its tenor.

“Don Lemon’s statement about this morning’s events is inaccurate,” CNN Communications tweeted approximately 45 minutes after Lemon. “He was offered a meeting with management, but instead issued a statement via Twitter.”

Best Life has reached out to CNN for comment and will update the article once a response is received.

Recent events likely played a role, as both Lemon and CNN refrained from elaborating on the decision’s motivation.

Lemon was criticized for comments he made on-air about Nikki Haley, a 51-year-old Republican presidential candidate, in which he stated that she “isn’t in her prime.” In addition, Lemon reportedly screamed at co-anchor Kaitlan Collins late last year, causing her to escape the studio.

While Lemon apologized to the network for his remarks about Haley and consented to “formal training,” it appears that his actions were not overlooked.

Two anonymous insiders told The New York Times that supporters of Lemon anticipated he would make a positive change, but network executives ultimately determined that his position at CNN “had become untenable.”

The sources told the New York Times that the true reason for Lemon’s dismissal was that certain guests refused to appear on the show with him. According to research on the program, his popularity with audiences has also declined, one of the insiders added.

CNN did affirm in its statement to the New York Times that CNN This Morning will continue, presumably under the leadership of Lemon’s co-hosts Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins.

CNN stated, “CNN This Morning has been airing for nearly six months, and we are committed to its success.”

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The True Reason CNN Fired Don Lemon, According to Insiders 11

Variety published an explosive report about Lemon’s alleged “volatile” and “diva-like” behavior at CNN earlier this month. Among the many allegations were claims that he frequently broke the rules, including once creating an imbalance of power by courting a 22-year-old subordinate employee.

There were also grave allegations of misogyny, some of which dated back several years. In 2008, sources allege that Lemon sent threatening text messages to his then-co-anchor Kyra Phillips after she was assigned to cover Iraq — a position that, according to sources who spoke to Variety, Lemon desired.

In a previous statement to Best Life, a representative for Lemon described the story as “unsourced” and “unsubstantiated.”

“The story, which is filled with demonstrably false anecdotes and contains no concrete evidence, is solely based on anonymous, unsourced, 15-year-old rumors. “It’s astonishing and disappointing that Variety would act so irresponsibly,” said the spokesperson.