Taylor Swift’s Backstage Injury ‘Totally Fine’

She’s just giving it the finger. Taylor Swift says she’s “totally fine” after fans saw her perform in Houston, Texas, on Sunday night with an open cut. “PS, if you’re wondering how I cut my hand, I’m fine and it was all my fault,” the 33-year-old singer of “Anti-Hero” wrote on Twitter on Monday, along with photos of herself on stage.

Swift, who is currently on her Eras Tour, went on to say that she tripped on her dress hem and “fell in the dark backstage” while changing, catching herself with her hand.” Even though it’s not clear which hem is to blame, one of the three photos Swift shared in the tweet shows a white, flowy floor-length gown that looks hard to move in the dark while changing.

Taylor Swift’s Backstage Injury ‘Totally Fine’

“Everything was very Mercury in retrograde encoded.” “Don’t worry about me, I’m fine,” she joked, bringing up an astrological sign that was thought to bring a lot of bad luck. Swift also didn’t seem bothered by the cut in a TikTok video that went popular and showed the singer performing her best while trying out different bandages.

Taylor Swift's Backstage Injury 'Totally Fine'
Taylor Swift’s Backstage Injury ‘Totally Fine’

The Grammy winner broke up with her boyfriend of six years, Joe Alwyn, in early April. Despite her fall, she kept a positive mood and said that her three-night stay in Houston was “crazy.” She wrote, “When I wake up in the morning, I smile and think about how much fun we all had.”

Swift also wrote that she “seriously can’t wait” for her next tour stop in Atlanta, Georgia, and gushed about her fans by saying, “Loving this tour so much because of the passion these crowds put into it all.” One Twitter user said,

“Men are cancelling their shows because they stubbed their toe on the edge of the bed, but Taylor Swift performs a 3-hour show with half of her hand missing.”

“I really admire your mental and physical strength.” “Thank you for reassuring us that you’re fine,” someone else said, thanking the artist for continuing to perform. Swift has been making the most of her time on tour and reassuring her fans that everything is fine, even though she recently broke up with Alwyn, 32.

Swift gave a big thumbs up to a fan holding a sign asking if she was OK on April 15 while she was playing in Tampa, Florida. Swift has also been spending time with her girl group in between shows. On April 20 in New York City, she was seen with Gigi Hadid, Blake Lively, and the Haim sisters. Overall, it looks like this “Delicate” singer is doing well.