Rachel Bush Sizzles in a Little Bikini Snap

Rachel Bush is known for her sexy selfies, but her most recent one may be her best yet. On Friday night, the wife of Buffalo Bills strong safety Jordan Poyer posted a picture of herself in a bikini with a tropical print. The model, who is 25 years old, posted one picture on Instagram. In it, she looked down at the camera from under her long eyelashes.

Her beautiful dark hair falls over her shoulders as she shows off her bust in a tropical leaf-patterned halter bikini top. Her famous “RB” necklace, which has her letters on it, finished off her look. The NFL player’s wife kept the caption simple by only using an emoji of an angel face. Her husband, Jordan Poyer, wrote “MINE ILY” with a heart-eye emoji and a fire emoji.

Rachel Bush Sizzles in a Little Bikini Snap
Rachel Bush Sizzles in a Little Bikini Snap 3

Rachel Bush Sizzles in a Little Bikini Snap

One fan said, “You really are one of the luckiest people on earth.” Another fan cried, “You have to be the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen!” “You could start a war,” said a third person. “Very, very beautiful,” cried a third fan. “Jesus, Rachel, I’m trying to work,” joked another fan.

“Beautiful, stunningly beautiful.” Another fan said, “Always beautiful,” as her fans kept gushing over her hot photo. In a mid-February Instagram post, the mom of one showed off another hot picture of her busty bits. For this picture, Rachel is wearing a long black dress and a big coat.

She put “Pro Bowl & Vegas” and a few football emojis in the message. Jordan Poyer replied, “Amazing family trip” with a heart-eye emoji. Fans liked her steamy picture, and one called her “the most beautiful woman in the world.”

“Poyer won all the games he played in his life,” said another fan. “Sheesh! All the dishes, all the chips!” Rachel replied with an image of a red heart and a smiley face. “When he goes anywhere with you, your man has to feel like the MAN, because you are by far the most beautiful woman anywhere.” “Shhheeeesh!” said another fan.

“You are the reason Jordan Poyer stays on the field, wow,” said another fan. “Love the outfit,” said someone else who liked it. Rachel puckered her glossy pink lips in another Instagram post with the simple text “Face” to blow a kiss to her fans as she looked into the phone screen.

Her long, dark hair was curled in waves, which added to her glam look. She seems to be wearing another bikini top with a tropical print and her initial chain. “You are the most beautiful person in the world,” said one friend. “The most beautiful person I’ve ever seen!” said another fan.

“Mr. Poyer is a very lucky man…sheesh,” said a third friend. “You look amazing!” yelled another fan. “Fav glam on you,” said someone else who liked you. “Stunning, absolutely beautiful,” said another fan. “You’re a dime,” someone else said.

“You’re stunning,” wrote someone else who liked you. “I love that beautiful face,” said another fan. As fans filled her post with fire emojis, another follower exclaimed, “A very, very beautiful WOMAN!!!!” Rachel went to Barcelona in August and shared a beautiful selfie of herself in a mirror on Instagram.

Even though she is holding her pink phone screen up to her face, fans can see her colorful bikini top and tropical high-waisted pants in the picture. “Barcelona, great vibes,” she wrote in the photo’s description. Very good indeed. 10/10.” Jordan Poyer said, “Take me with you next time?”

“No way, my man,” said one fan. You have to win the Super Bowl.” If he wins the Super Bowl, maybe they can all go to Spain. Do you want to read more about Rachel Bush? In a recent Instagram post, she teased “different views” in another sexy swimsuit!