Paula Abdul Reveals Secret Her Age-Defying Look At 60

Paula Abdul is truly fortunate. In an exclusive chat with Page Six at the Homeless Not Toothless Hollywood Gala on Saturday night in Los Angeles, the pop icon, who is 60 years old, told what she does to look so young. “I’m always saying, ‘Thank you, Dad.'” “My father is Syrian and Brazilian,” she said as she joined her hands in prayer and looked up, respecting the genes her late father, Harry Abdul, had given her.

Paula also said that she owed a lot to her late mother, Lorraine M. Abdul, with whom she was close. The Grammy winner added, “And my mum had a beautiful fair complexion.” She said she got “the best of both” parents. 

Paula Abdul Reveals Secret

During her decades-long work as a singer, dancer, and choreographer, she has been praised for both her beauty and her skill. She looked especially young in a set of social media photos taken at the annual Christmas party of her good friend Kathy Hilton in December 2022.

Paula Abdul Reveals Secret Her Age-Defying Look At 60
Paula Abdul Reveals Secret Her Age-Defying Look At 60

Many fans were surprised by how young Paula looked and thought it was because of a lot of Photoshopping.  “Oh my god!” said one commenter. “She looks like a little girl,” said another. “This editing is embarrassingly obvious.”

But at Saturday’s charity dinner, which was hosted by “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Dorit Kemsley, Paula said that her young look is just because of her genes. The Grammy winner said, “I got lucky with the genes from my father.”

Paula wore a beautiful red dress and diamond earrings to the Beverly Hilton to raise money for Homeless Not Toothless. The nonprofit company was started in 1992 to help veterans, homeless people, foster children, and people with low incomes get dental care in Los Angeles.

“It’s a great thing to do.” “Anything that makes people feel good about themselves and makes them want to be a part of the world, to live and work, and gives them the confidence to be able to do that, starts with a smile,” she said. “Yes, it does.”

Paula said, “Once they’ve done that, they’re comfortable, they’re just smiling, they have a new outlook on life, and it changes the course of their life.” The singer of “Forever Your Girl” was there to talk about the silent auction and to welcome Taylor Dayne, who was the special guest performer.

Dayne, who is 61, sang her old favourites in front of the “RHOBH” group and William H. Macy and Sharon Stone, who are also on Kemsley’s board. The events were filmed for the next season of Bravo’s reality show, which will be the 13th.