New Assault Investigation Adds to Armie Hammer’s Woes

Another sexual attack charge has been made against Armie Hammer. A official complaint has been made against him by an ex-girlfriend. Since February 2021, when his ex-girlfriend Effie Angelova said he raped her against her will, the disgraced star has been under investigation. After a long investigation, there is now enough proof that Hammer should be publicly charged.

The 26-year-old says that the attack happened in 2017. Hammer’s lawyers have denied the claims, saying that all of their sexual encounters were “completely consensual, talked about and agreed on in advance, and shared by both parties.” Around the same time, more people accused the star of sexual misconduct and confirmed that he was interested in kink.

Hammer is a cannibal or has traits to be a cannibal, which was another scary thing to find out. Long before the charges got to this point, Hammer told the Daily Mail, “I’m not going to respond to these nonsense claims, but I can’t leave my kids for four months to make a movie in the Dominican Republic because of the vicious and false online attacks on me.”

New Assault Investigation Adds to Armie Hammer's Woes
New Assault Investigation Adds to Armie Hammer’s Woes

New Assault Investigation Adds to Armie Hammer’s Woes

The person who sells timeshares has also been accused of assault by other loves and flings who had similar experiences to Angelova. Hammer’s popular ex-girlfriend Courtney Vucekovich was in a Discovery Plus documentary that showed her ex. She thinks that he would act weird around blood.

As she cuts herself and bleeds in front of him, he says, “I want to eat you!” “If I had a small cut on my hand, he’d lick or suck on it.” That’s about as weird as it gets.” Hammer said that the claims were “vicious and false online attacks.” She said he was “love-bombing” her, which finally got through to her. “When you are love-bombed, you get a bunch of pictures all at once.”

During my time with Armie, I got a lot of texts, including a lot of photos and videos.Some of these texts showed pictures of bite marks on Vucekovich’s chest because of his relationship with Hammer.The picture of the bite mark was sent by Armie in our archived text thread.

Even though I have dozens of photos showing his abuse on my body, I thought it was a photo of me, even though it was taken over a year ago. Because of the charges, Hammer’s life has been hard. His wife, who had two kids with him, has left him. He used to be an up-and-coming actor, but now he sells timeshares in the Cayman Islands, where he has lived since he was a kid.

Right now, Hammer’s life is very hard. He just said that he tried to kill himself. People made fun of him online and said he was trying to get pity by being honest, but he told the truth about the attempt. “I just walked out into the ocean and swam as far as I could in the hopes of drowning, getting hit by a boat, or being eaten by a shark.”

Angelova said that he was “manipulative” and that he was trying to “evoke sympathy.” He told her this story a long time ago, but now he’s bringing it up again and using it to his advantage.