Messi and Ronaldo break Instagram’s chess record

Messi and Ronaldo break Instagram's chess record on Saturday (November 19)

A report has been spreading that two of the greatest players of all time, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, posed for a picture together on Saturday (November 19), and then shared it via their Instagram accounts, and the picture became viral on the internet within minutes of its publication.

It should be noted that Messi and Ronaldo are both in Qatar this week in preparation for the FIFA World Cup, which gets underway today (November 20), so it is worth noting that they are both in Qatar. In the upcoming tournament, both players will represent Argentina and Portugal, respectively.

was a pleasure to see the two top players take the time to pose together for a picture before the start of football’s biggest mega-event, the World Cup, which was to be held later in the year. There was a viral video that became viral on the internet as a result of this picture.

There is a picture that Messi and Ronaldo both shared on their Instagram accounts. This picture shows them both playing chess. In the picture, you can see both Messi and Ronaldo.

Messi and Ronaldo break Instagram's chess record
Messi and Ronaldo break Instagram’s chess record

In the long tradition of crafting trunks, there has been a long tradition of creating trunks that have been photographed by @annieleibovitz for @louisvuitton with a caption that reads: “Victory is a State of Mind.” A long tradition of crafting trunks photographed by @annieleibovitz.”

There was no time to waste as the picture became viral on Instagram within a matter of moments. More than 25 million people have already liked Ronaldo’s post on his Instagram account and about 21 million people have liked Messi’s post on his Instagram account.

While Ronaldo and Messi were playing in Spain during the time when Messi was with Barcelona and Ronaldo was with another El Clasico rival, Real Madrid, during Ronaldo’s time with Barcelona, the two players had a fierce on-field rivalry.

Both of them have won numerous individual and team awards over the years. However, what remains the same is that they remain powerful forces on the field despite their numerous awards.

According to an interview Ronaldo gave early this week, he has had a long-term rivalry with Messi, and he described the PSG footballer as one of the most talented players on the planet and someone whom he really respects and admires.

It is amazing to be able to work with such a talented player… We have shared the stage together for the last 16 years. It has been a wonderful experience! This is something we all have in common. The relationship I have with him is one of positivity.

 In terms of friendship, what I mean by that is not the kind of friend who sits next to you at home, talking on the phone to you. I mean the kind of friend who is like a teammate instead of just a friend.

The way he always talks about his wife or his girlfriend is something that I really respect about him because it’s always a positive thing. It is always a pleasure to have them show me respect. They are from Argentina.

A friend of mine is from Argentina, and my girlfriend is also from Argentina. It’s so delicious. Besides what I have already said about Messi, what else can I say about him? In my opinion, he is a wonderful person who is doing wonderful things for the game of football.”

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