Madonna Faces Backlash for Eating Chicken, Abandoning Veganism

Some of Madonna’s die-hard fans are upset that she has changed her strict vegan diet, which has been an inspiration to many people around the world. The record-setting star, who is said to have followed a macrobiotic diet to stay slim in her mid-60s, was recently caught on camera eating chicken, much to the surprise of onlookers. People on social media weren’t pleased.

They called her out for lying about being a vegan and told her to go back to the good side of history, which is being a vegan. Some of her fans are upset that the “4 Minutes” singer is no longer a vegan. She shared a video on Instagram about a new show on her highly anticipated Celebration Tour. In the video, she and her family ate chicken in a fancy room while she talked about the new show.

At the beginning of the video, she tells one of her boys that she can’t kick his chair any harder. He jokes and says in a defensive way that she already has. “Action,” someone could be heard saying in the background. Her son got up from the table with his plate in his hand and got ready to leave the room. Madonna told him to sit down while she chewed on a piece of chicken that had gotten stuck in her throat.

Madonna Faces Backlash for Eating Chicken, Abandoning Veganism
Madonna Faces Backlash for Eating Chicken, Abandoning Veganism

Madonna Faces Backlash for Eating Chicken, Abandoning Veganism

Then she told everyone at the table that she was going to Mexico, which made everyone gasp with joy. “Fans can get tickets today and tomorrow, and Citibamex cardholders can get pre-sale tickets starting Thursday!!” said the 64-year-old in the description. Tickets can be bought by anyone starting on Friday, April 21.”

Even though her trip to Mexico should have been big news, people were more interested in what she ate while she was there. People asked her if she was still a vegetarian, and others couldn’t believe what they saw. “Please,” wrote one person. Someone said, “Go vegan,” and someone else said rhetorically, “She’s no longer a vegetarian?”

How long ago was this? A third fan said, “Go vegan!” Animals have minds and feelings. Be on the right side of history, @madonna! #endspecism.” Then, a fourth fan asked, “Wasn’t she a vegetarian?” Another user answered, “Yes, she is a vegan.” I don’t know where Madonna is, but this doesn’t look like her.” 

“One would expect a great woman like Madonna to be VEGAN,” said a sixth fan. “Go vegan, Madonna; you don’t look good with dead animals on your plate.” Another person asked if the “Vogue” star was a vegetarian and then wondered out loud if she had lied about her macrobiotic diet.

Women’s Health went into depth about the famous musician’s diet, including where it came from and everything there is to know about it. A Japanese philosopher came up with the macrobiotic diet in the early 1990s. It focuses on living a healthy life in all areas. Half of the diet is made up of whole grains, a third is made up of fruits and veggies, and a quarter is made up of legumes.

It has many benefits because it has nutrients that help people stay healthy, speed up their digestion, and choose healthy foods. On the other hand, it may be hard to follow such a diet because it is “extremely restrictive” and doesn’t allow any processed foods or sweets. Madonna got a lot of bad feedback for being at the 2023 Grammys, but she didn’t apologize.

Her appearance at the awards show led to rumors that she had plastic surgery, which she denied in public. She also said, “Once again, I am caught in the glare of ageism and misogyny.” She went on to say that she had never felt bad about her art, how she looked, or what she wore. People who know the “La Isla Bonita” singer said that she planned to look more like herself before the start of her tour in late July.

A source for the Daily Mail says that she is getting operations to get her old look back because she cares about what her fans think. “She sees and hears what people say about her,” the source said, “and for the tour, she wants to look more like herself again for her fans.”