Love Is Blind’s Micah Lussier Spills the tea on Ex and Dridesmaid Drama!

Even though the jury is still out on whether or not love is blind, fans of “Love Is Blind” can be sure that the internet is not! The excitement about Netflix’s experimental dating show’s fourth season hasn’t gone away even though the cameras have stopped running and the episodes have been released.

The platform’s attempt to stream a live reunion gave viewers an update on the cast’s lives a year after filming. Many different parts of the model were talked about. One story that got a lot of attention was that Paul Peden was accused of touching a bridesmaid’s behind on purpose as he left a room after his wedding to Micah Lussier.

Love Is Blind’s Micah Lussier Spills the tea on Ex

The only unmarried pair left in the cast was made up of a 28-year-old environmental scientist and a 27-year-old marketing manager. Social media chatter says that Peden touched the bottom of a bridesmaid at his wedding. TikToks were made to look at how he held his hands, and Twitter users shared their thoughts on the subject.

Love Is Blind's Micah Lussier spills the tea on ex and bridesmaid drama!
Love Is Blind’s Micah Lussier spills the tea on ex and bridesmaid drama!

One Twitter user said, “OK, it looked like Paul slapped Micah’s bridesmaid on the a**, and she seemed to like it.” One watcher said, “Yeah, I thought the fans were crazy for trying to say Paul was messing around with one of Micah’s bridesmaids when he was just walking by her.”

One watcher said, “Paul ain’t s**t for touching that bridesmaid’s a**, and she was smiling both when he did it and when he said, ‘I don’t.'” Many people on Twitter were upset with how the situation was handled at the reunion, with many blaming host Vanessa Lachey for not letting Lussier respond while giving Peden a chance to say something.

“It’s too bad that they didn’t let @micahlussier say anything about the bridesmaid video.” Someone in the audience asked, “Why did they let Paul defend himself and use gaslighting but not Micah?” “The film of Paul touching the bridesmaid wasn’t shown.

You’re all so confused. Micah over there used the crying face emoji. “Chile-,” yelled a fan. “What in the hell did Paul ever do to @VanessaLachey?” He seems to be a kind and thoughtful person. Even if you don’t agree with his answers, that doesn’t mean he owes Micah more.

“It was also very rude of Vanessa to say that he touched one of the bridesmaids in an inappropriate way,” said a watcher. Peden has already told Lachey off for showing “bias” at the gathering. Several fans noticed on Twitter that Lussier wasn’t asked about the situation at the reunion show on Sunday night.

Others said that she looked nervous during the part. She finally talked about the reports when she was a guest on Thursday’s episode of “The Viall Files.” Nick Viall, a former “Bachelor,” has made a name for himself after the show ended with his podcast, “The Viall Files.”

A lot of people from the “Bachelor” series and “Love Is Blind” have been on the former reality star. This week, he had Marshall Glaze from Season 4 on as a guest. During the chat, Lussier talked about different parts of her love story and her time on the show.

She also disagreed with Peden’s story about a trip to Europe she took with another guy after the couple broke up. After filming was over, they tried to get back together for a short time. Viall asked about the troublesome event. She made fun of it by saying that it was “the slap heard around the world.”

“I just can’t believe it was shown on the reunion,” Lussier said. Viall then asked if the girl was a friend of Lussier, and she said that she was.

“There’s this little thing that you may know as a woman, and I’m sure you’ve been to a crowded bar before, but as a guy, I have never had another man, like, touch my waist as he’s walking by in a crowded bar, just give me a little pat that every f***ing guy seems to do like, he’s trying to balance himself between the crowd.”I don’t know, guys. If you do that, the women will know.”

“It’s like a five-foot doorway; there’s plenty of room,” Lussier said when Viall brought up Peden’s answer at the reunion about how the bridesmaid “guided himself.” “Damn, you guys are getting me excited,” Lussier said later.

“I told him, “I don’t know!”” She probably didn’t mean to say, “There’s an affair, there’s an affair!” She made sure to say, “Not an affair,” but she didn’t seem upset. She was kidding when she said, “She grabs her behind and kisses her hand, like, what’s up?” “I honestly don’t think she wants to do bad things.

I don’t think so, and I think Paul didn’t either, if I’m being honest. I don’t know. I’m not a guy, and I’m not grabbing people’s behinds as they leave…” Later, Lussier said she didn’t know what was going on because her friends were “two sheets to the wind at the time…” Now you can watch her episode of “The Viall Files” live!