Lourdes Leon Gets Candid About Madonna’s Parenting Style

Lourdes Leon talked about how she got along with her famous pop star mother, Madonna. Leon got her own money when she was a teenager, and she even paid for her college bills. Even though she has her own life, she now appreciates how hard Madonna works.

The famous singer has talked about how she raised her kids, especially as they got older. Leon recently surprised fans with his outfit at the launch party for H&M’s partnership with Mugler. After her red dress with a devil theme for New York Fashion Week, this is one of her most recent high-fashion moments. 

Lourdes Leon Gets Candid About Madonna’s Parenting Style

Lourdes Leon recently talked to Interview Magazine about her relationship with Madonna, who is famous for being her mother. She called her mother a “control freak” and said that Madonna’s need to be in charge of everything often made her feel helpless.

Lourdes Leon Gets Candid About Madonna's Parenting Style
Lourdes Leon Gets Candid About Madonna’s Parenting Style

Marca says that she told him, “My mom is such a control freak, and she’s been in charge of me my whole life.” I had to be able to live on my own as soon as I finished from high school.” The aspiring singer has been able to take care of herself since she was a teenager.

She even paid for her own college bills. After Leon graduated from high school, he rented out her room in Brooklyn. Leon admires Madonna’s hard work and persistence over the years, even though she is fiercely independent. The singer of “Contradiction” said, “She’s probably the hardest worker I’ve ever seen.”

In a 2017 interview with People Magazine, Madonna talked about how she raised her kids, especially as they got older. She said, “I had this strange idea that as your kids get older, they learn to take care of themselves and it gets easier.”

But as kids get bigger, it gets harder because they are becoming adults and need to be guided.” The “Material Girl” singer said in no uncertain terms that she has always been in charge of her family. She said

she was the “bad cop” and was happy to “accept that role” instead of being the “popular parent.” Madonna has five children besides Leon: David, Rocco, Mercy, and twins Stella and Estere. Even though she has a “control freak” attitude, Madonna has always been a supporter of women’s rights, which Leon likes.

She said, “I didn’t fully understand that until I learned how important it is to be a woman and what that means.” Leon recently made news for her bold outfit at the launch party for the latest collaboration between H&M and Mugler.

The 26-year-old walked the red carpet in a new collection split catsuit that showed a lot of skin. Leon wore a sleek hairstyle, stiletto shoes, a black fur coat, and bright green nail polish with the daring one-piece. Some of the people who went to the launch party at the Park Avenue Armory were Pamela Anderson, Charli XCX, and Chloe Sevigny.

Leon’s outfit for the event looks like their signature style, which has been worn by stars like Billie Eilish, Miley Cyrus, and Beyoncé. On May 11, you’ll be able to buy the new clothes in some H&M shops and online.

The singer’s outfit at the H&M and Mugler launch party is just one example of her recent high-fashion moments. Leon wore a red corseted dress with devil horns to Luis De Javier’s New York Fashion Week show in February.

The singer went to a fashion show by Marc Jacobs the same month, but she couldn’t get in because she was a few minutes late. Leon wore a shiny scarlet dress with a pointed bust to the 2023 Grammy Awards. The dress was based on Madonna’s famous cone bra style.

Madonna wore the now-famous corset with the cone bra for the first time on her Blonde Ambition World Tour in 1990. It was made by Jean-Paul Gaultier. She is bringing back the look for her “The Celebration Tour.”