Lottie Moss Reveals Dramatic Transformation After Removing Fillers

Today, Lottie Moss showed off a new look and told fans that she no longer has fillers. The model shared a video on Instagram about how much she liked her new look. She said that she did it because “a lot of people do it these days,” and her doctor told her that was true. She hadn’t planned to work on her fillers that day, but Moss made the change when the suggestion came up.

She admits that having a “natural” look is all the rage now, but a few years ago, it was all about having “fake vibes.” She showed off the difference in her chin, which she would normally fill with fillers, and said that she “loves it” and that even though she still has “a few ways to go,” she is already very happy with the dramatic new look on her face.

Lottie Moss Reveals Dramatic Transformation After Removing Fillers
Lottie Moss Reveals Dramatic Transformation After Removing Fillers

Lottie Moss Reveals Dramatic Transformation

Moss couldn’t stop squeezing her face and holding it in her hands. She often pulls her hair back to show both sides of her face without breaks. The OnlyFans model was so happy with her new look that she thanked her doctor and made fun of herself by saying, “She’s not giving handsome Squidward,” a reference to Sponge Bob SquarePants.

She showed her fans what a “natural little baby face” looked like. She says that she likes the way her face looks now “so much more.” Before she stopped the movie, she thought, “Why didn’t anyone tell me it looks terrible?” She posted some follow-up posts that we think are for her face but are clearly about her body in a cool two-tone bikini.

In the first video, she is lying on a bed and taking a picture with her behind up in the air. The second post is a film of Moss wearing lingerie and showing off her breasts. Moss is trying so hard to look seductive that we’ve forgotten that her face should be the focus. The latest famous person to get fillers taken out is Kate Moss’s little sister.

Recently, the reality star said that she, too, had her fillers and butt shots taken out. She said that she is taking a new path in life and that one of her goals is to look as natural as possible. She also said that it will take a few meetings, but the process has already started.

When Courteney Cox took out her fillers in 2017, she was ahead of the game. “You don’t realize you look a little off,” she said of the choice, “so you keep doing more because you look normal to yourself.” Christina Hall didn’t like how hers looked, so she had them taken off and posted some scary photos of her eyes bulging on Instagram.

“I had an allergic reaction to filler under my eyes in April.” “I had a lot of swelling, and it wouldn’t go away.” She then said, “After dissolving with hyaluronidase and ultrasound frequency treatments to remove all of the filler.” Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and Chrissy Teigen are a few more famous people who have stopped using fillers. All of them have said that the choice was the right one.