Lala Kent Custody Battle and Family Court System Struggles

Lala Kent has trouble getting along with Randall Emmett, her ex-husband, with whom she has a daughter, Ocean Kent Emmett. The couple went public with their relationship in December 2017. They were engaged for three years, until October 2021. Less than two years later, Kent seems to be saying that she and Randall are fighting for control of their only child and that the family court system is unfair.

The actress from “Pitching Love and Catching Faith” is unhappy with the U.S. family court system, which she says is “broken.” She put a message on her Instagram Story with a picture of herself sitting at a desk with a sheet of paper on the keys of her laptop and looking sad.

She said, “I see a broken family court system all over the country.” “I knew I wasn’t alone when I went into this battle.” Kent then went into more detail about why she thought the system was wrong. She wrote, “The well-being and safety of our children come after filling the pockets of court “professionals” and protecting family “rights.”

Lala Kent Custody Battle and Family Court System Struggles
Lala Kent Custody Battle and Family Court System Struggles

Lala Kent Custody Battle and Family Court System Struggles

Lastly, she talked about how her time in court was an honor and gave her a “purpose.” She said, “I knew my voice now had a purpose and had to be used.” “It was an honor to give a testimonial in Montana today in favor of SB250.”

Fans may not know how hard the situation would be for little Ocean, but they do know that Kent loves the child both on and off social media. Ocean’s almost-second birthday was in March. She had a party with a Monster theme, and both current and former “Vanderpump Rules” cast members were there.

Kent posted about the wonderful event on Instagram, showing the colorful balloon decorations at the venue. On one slide, the party girl was dressed in purple and had monster eyes on her headgear.

She was taken a picture with James P. “Sulley” Sullivan cardboard cutouts from “Monsters, Inc.” On another page, there was a picture of a large room. The room had a low table set up for 18 invited kids and a sign that said “Boo is 2.”  

There were also towers made of different colored balloons, a lit-up number 2, and a white shelf with free Monsters Inc. lunch boxes on it. The reality star then sent a picture of the birthday cakes, which showed two medium-sized Monster Inc. masterpieces.  

In the message, she wrote a touching tribute to her child, who meant the world to her, and thanked everyone who came out to celebrate the big day. “If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have anything!” she yelled. “Ocean’s birthday party for Monsters, Inc. was everything and more.”

“Thank you to all of our close friends and family for coming to celebrate my sweet girl,” the 32-year-old said next, adding that she was holding it together because Ocean wasn’t quite two yet. At the end of the message, she said she would be a mess because time went by “way too fast,” and then she thanked everyone who helped make the event a big success.

Fans were enthralled by the update and rushed to the comments section to congratulate the celebrant. One fan said, “So happy that Ocean is a fellow Pisces – “Congratulations on your birthday!!!” After Lala and the father of her child broke up more than a year ago, he talked about the adultery claims made by the star and his ex-wife, Ambyr Childers.

According to The Blast, the film director said in an interview that he would let himself be “steamrolled” if it meant his children’s “safety and happiness.” The Hollywood star, who has two kids with Childers, added that he didn’t mind being a “joke” to his ex-wives if that’s what they needed.

“But Ocean is the most important thing,” he said. “London and Rylee are more important than me, so I’ll always put them before myself. Hopefully, that will be the main idea.”