5 Korean Dramas to See in December 2022

5 Korean Dramas to See in December 2022

Take a look at the riveting Korean dramas that are slated to be released in the month of December 2022. These dramas may be viewed on Netflix, Disney + Hotstar, and Viki Rakuten, among other online streaming services. K-drama enthusiasts, get excited because December will bring you to brand new Korean dramas to watch.

The upcoming episodes provide a wide variety of genres, ranging from nail-biting thrillers to feel-good romantic comedies. December will see the return of two of the game’s most popular expansions: Alchemy of Souls and Money Heist: Korea. The following five Korean dramas are now airing and can be added to your watchlist for the month of December:

1. Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow

This year saw the premiere of the second season of the fantasy drama series Alchemy of Souls on the streaming service Netflix. The title of the new installment is “Light and Shadow.” Jang Wook, a member of the Jang family and a prominent figure in the nation of Daeho, has kept a birth secret for his whole family’s history.

By coincidence, he encounters Mu Deok, a powerful fighter trapped in a fragile body who, despite this handicap, agrees to become his servant and start discreetly instructing Jang Wook in the art of combat. The first episode of this drama was well-received by viewers, and the series went on to become highly popular on Netflix. The second season of the Korean drama is something that we cannot wait to watch.

2. The Interest of Love

Image Source: JTBC drama/ Instagram

Office romance is the main focus of this adaptation of Lee Hyeok-novel Jin’s “Sarangui Yihae,” which serves as the show’s inspiration. At the Yeongpo Branch of the Nara Bank, a senior head of the consultation team named Ha Sang Soo develops feelings for the top bank teller named Ahn Soo Young. Another reason is that Park Mi-Kyung was born into a wealthy household.

She is confident in her abilities and doesn’t try to hide the fact that she has affection for Jung Jong-Hyun, who is training to be a member of the police force. A sensational affair between the four of them ensues. The way in which it impacts them and how it brings them to an understanding of the genuine meaning of love is how the story develops.

3. Connect

Image Source: Disney+ Korea/ Instagram

An immortal humanoid named Ha Dong-soo (Jung Hae-in, who also appeared in Snowdrop) becomes a victim of illicit organ harvesters in the movie Connect. Following the traumatic experience, when he eventually comes to, he realizes that his right eye has been removed. Dong-soo finds out that Oh Jin-seop is a brutal serial killer who is terrorizing the citizens of Seoul.

Dong-soo begins assisting the police in their search for the cruel murderer after discovering a troubling new connection between himself and the victim. If you enjoy suspenseful and action-packed dramas, you simply cannot pass up the opportunity to see this one.

4. Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area Part 2

Image Source: Netflix Korea/ Instagram

In the month of December, the South Korean adaptation of Money Heist will come back with six brand-new episodes. Park Hae-soo, who previously portrayed Berlin in Squid Game, will once again take on the role of the belligerent ex-prisoner of North Korea Song Jung-ho, also known as Berlin.

Yoo Ji-Tae will reprise his role as the brilliant mind of Park Sun-ho, better known by his stage name, Professor. The new episodes will continue exactly where the previous ones left off, with the gang in the middle of a heist inside the mint.

5. Work Later, Drink Now 2

This upcoming comedy-drama is a film adaptation of the popular webcomic Drinker City Women. It follows a group of three women – a screenwriter named Ahn So-hee (Jirisan’s Lee Sun-bin), a yoga instructor named Han Ji-Yeon (Han Sun-Hwa), and a YouTuber named Kang Ji-goo (Apink’s Jung Eun-ji) – as they discuss their successes and failures in their personal The females frequently find themselves in a state of disarray because of the influence of alcohol.

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