Kelly Ripa’s Kids Block Her on Social Media – Here’s Why

Kelly Ripa said in a recent interview that her kids don’t care about what she writes and have probably stopped her on social media. The talk show host said that they did this to protect themselves and that they don’t know that their dad, Mark Consuelos, will co-host “Live!

With Kelly and Mark” with her and her husband. Kelly Ripa, who is a co-host on the popular afternoon talk show “Live! With Kelly and Mark,” recently said that her kids don’t care about what she talks about.

Ripa joked to E! News that she’s “pretty sure” her kids have used the different blocking features on social media sites to block any station or material that talks about their famous parents.

The former soap star said it was “self-preservation” for her children, who are from a different age and have their own subculture. Ripa also said that her kids didn’t know that Mark Consuelos took over Ryan Seacrest’s talk show because they don’t care much about their parents’ jobs.

Kelly Ripa's Kids Block Her on Social Media - Here's Why
Kelly Ripa’s Kids Block Her on Social Media – Here’s Why

Kelly Ripa’s Kids Block Her on Social Media

“What do you mean?” they ask. “What are you doing?” she was asked. “They don’t know,” she said. Ripa and her husband, Consuelos, who is best known for his part on “Riverdale,” are notorious for sharing personal details about their lives on social media.

During the conversation, however, Consuelos said that their kids had told them they didn’t want their parents to talk about them on social media. “Every kid goes through a time in their lives when they say, ‘Don’t talk about us or I’d rather not be a topic,'” Consuelos said.

“They don’t care what we’re doing; they’re glad that Mom and Dad are finding things to do now that they’re gone,” the former “All My Children” star said. Since taking over for Kathie Lee Gifford on Regis Philbin’s talk show in 2001, Ripa has had her husband, Consuelos, as her fourth co-host on “Live.”

Regis Philbin, her first co-host, died in July 2020 at age 88. He had left the show in November 2011. Michael Strahan, a former NFL player, became her second co-host in September 2012 and stayed with the show until April 2016, when he left “Live” to join “Good Morning America.”

Strahan seems to have left “Live” quickly, telling Ripa just before the news went public that he was leaving. At the time, there were reports that Ripa and Strahan didn’t get along. One source said, “They couldn’t stand each other, and whenever they talked off-air, it was always through their reps.”

Strahan, who is now a co-host on “Good Morning America,” hinted in a later interview with The New York Times about his rumored fight with Ripa. He said that he thinks co-hosts in the television business are selfish.

Fans are excited to see what Ripa and her husband, Consuelos, bring to the show now that her third co-host, Ryan Seacrest, has left. Fans and the people who work on “Live! With Kelly and Ryan” were shocked when Seacrest left the show.

People who know Seacrest say that his choice to leave was a long time coming because he was so tired. In February, a source told Page Six that “some of Ryan’s absences created tension with everyone involved in the show.”

A friend who works with Seacrest also said that the co-host of the talk show “Live!” found the schedule “punishing,” with double tapings and running between his radio show and the talk show, and that he hated living in New York City, where “Live!” is taped every day.

According to another source, Seacrest’s busy schedule includes traveling to audition places for “American Idol,” including recent tryouts in Hawaii, which have worn him down. “He’ll have a 10-minute break, and they’ll tell him to come do some one-liners for the radio show.”

Sources say that Seacrest’s coworkers on “Live!” and “American Idol” care about him and his well-being, even though things are hard. They thought it was a good idea for him to leave “Live!” and wished him luck in whatever he did next.