Instagram ‘influencer’ kicks dog, calls herself an animal lover in viral video

Instagram 'influencer' kicks dog, calls herself an animal lover in viral video

The Instagram influencer expressed remorse for her actions but explained that she had to kick the dog because she became afraid of it when it tried to attack her. And with regard to the abuse, she mentioned that it is something that is quite common among people from Delhi and Mumbai. Users on social media have demanded that something be done about her and her account.

A video that shows a woman kicking a dog and abusing it to the point where it laughs has gone viral, which has led to a significant amount of outrage on social media. As users on Twitter condemned the insensitivity of the so-called influencer, others began searching for information about the individual in order to file a complaint with the appropriate authorities regarding the incident as well as her account for her offensive behaviour.

In response to criticism, the influential person, who has been identified as Kiran Kajal and has a follower count of 1.21 lakh, published an apology in which she stated that despite her affection for animals, she was afraid of the dog and kicked it. The original video was removed, and its creator has since published new videos in which she can be seen providing dogs with food and other necessities.

This is the original version of the video that quickly went viral. It is recommended that viewers exercise caution due to the fact that the content creator has used foul language while mistreating the animal. She apologised for the slang she used but explained that it is very common among people who live in Delhi and Mumbai. Kiran Kajal said she was sorry for using it. “Before that, I hadn’t given it any thought. The dog approached my location.

And I gave it a kick. I apologise for the inappropriate language that I used earlier. However, the residents of Delhi and Mumbai are accustomed to it. When the dog got closer to me, I felt my heart start to race. I have no need for your animosity. I sincerely apologise to you, “the statement made by the content creator in the latest video.

The apology was met with criticism, and users of social media asserted that the dog had not approached the woman and had not attacked her either. The video had been prepared in advance, and the person responsible for the content even laughed after kicking and abusing the video.

“That was not funny at all; in fact, it was repulsive. I suppose it was funny to you and the other people in your immediate vicinity, but not very many of us found it funny. You have revealed your “true colours,” so there is no need for you to pretend to be someone else at this point in time.

 Make it a point to stay away from any animals from this point forward; it will be in the best interest of their health “A nongovernmental organisation known as Animal Hope and Wellness provided feedback on her video apology.

The singer Jaan Kumar Sanu pleaded with the audience to report the account and stated that the woman showed no remorse whatsoever for her behaviour. “For the sake of two minutes of petty fame, you were cruel to an animal that could not defend itself. “Darr gayi”?! I’m interested to see how you would react if someone did the same thing to you as they did to me.

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