After being Discharged from the Military, Hui Opens an Instagram Account

In reference to his username, Hui captioned his very first Instagram post “Just tag me” on November 19.

The military discharged Hui on November 17. Hui PENTAGON’s second last Instagram member, after Yanan.

Let’s talk about PENTAGON and Hui

After finishing his military service, PENTAGON’s Hui opened his personal Instagram account on November 19. Hui tags himself in a pink room and brown outfit with the caption ‘Just tag me in the first post. It was Kino who welcomed him to Instagram in a reply to his post.

What is Pentagon?

This South Korean multi-national boy band was formed by Cube Entertainment in 2016. A total of nine people make up the group: Jinho, Hui, Hongseok, Shinwon, Yeo One, Yan An, Yuto, Kino, and Wooseok.

E’Dawn left the group on November 14, 2018, when it was composed of ten members. It was through Mnet’s survival show Pentagon Maker that they were introduced. October 10, 2016, was the release date for Pentagon’s self-titled EP.


Who is Hui?

He’s a South Korean singer, songwriter, and composer. In October 2016, under Cube Entertainment, he debuted as the leader, singer, and dancer of the boy band PENTAGON. With former bandmate Dawn and labelmate Hyuna, he was in the coed trio Triple H, and now he’s leading the trot boy group Super Five on MBC’s Favorite Entertainment.

Pentagon’s songs are mostly written and produced by Hui. The “Energetic” in Wanna One, “Never” in Nation’s Son, “Boyness” in Produce X 101, “Oh-Eh-Oh” in JO1, and “Daisy” in PENTAGON are some of his best-known songs.

Hui’s Personal life


Cube Entertainment confirmed the pair dated but had already broken up following the surfacing of photos showing Hui on a date with (G)I-DLE’s Soojin.

Military service

A Cube Entertainment spokesperson announced on October 19, 2020, that Hui would be enlisted on December 3. The Army announced on December 2 that he will self-quarantine after being exposed to an area where someone else had contact with the virus and that he has been postponed from enlisting.

On February 2, 2021, Cube Entertainment announced that It would start its service on February 18. He was discharged on November 17, 2022.

Top 5 Songs Composed By PENTAGON’s Hui

1. “Runaway” — PENTAGON

It’s moody perfection. “Runaway” was Hui’s second PENTAGON title song, following “Like This,” released two months earlier. It’s amazing that Hui was already involved in the composition of PENTAGON’s music so soon after the group’s debut!

These two tracks came out just about a year after their debut! Hui wrote the music along with FLOW BLOW, but Wooseok, Yuto, and former member DAWN helped him with the lyrics.

2. “White Butterfly” — Kim Han Byul

The song “White Butterfly” is nothing short of stunning, and Hui was one of many idol producers who contributed to Mnet’s audition series “CAP-TEEN.”

Featuring heart-melting piano chords and a soaring melody, it’s bound to lift your spirits. There’s no doubt that Hui wrote the perfect song for Kim Han Byul, but his vocals give “White Butterfly” life!

3. “Energetic” — Wanna One

In addition to Wanna One’s mega-hit “Energetic,” Hui also co-wrote “Never” and “Boyness” for Mnet’s “Produce” series. One of Hui’s most famous tracks was Wanna One’s “Energetic”.

“Energetic” is the breathless and upbeat song that ended up being Wanna One’s debut single, and Wooseok and Hui also co-wrote the lyrics.

4. “Lift Trophy” — Hui and Hangzoo

Aside from music variety shows, Hui did two competition shows on Mnet: “Breakers” and “The Call 2.” As part of the latter show, Hui collaborated with rapper Hangzoo on the track “Lift Trophy,” which shows a different side to his idol persona. A commenter pointed out that Hui can also do hip hop.

5. “Shine” — PENTAGON

The song “Shine” is PENTAGON’s most famous, and it went on to go to the top of the charts a month after it was released in April 2018. The song describes shyness about a crush with simple chords and an infectiously cheerful energy. With other PENTAGON members, Hui wrote the lyrics and composed it, and it’s now been watched over 225 million times on YouTube!

Some Interesting Facts about Pentagon’s Hui

  • He’s got a mom who teaches English.
  • When G.NA performed “G.NA’s Secret” in 2014, Hui was one of the backup dancers with fellow members Kino and Yeo One, as well as former member E’Dawn and another former Cube Entertainment trainee.
  • Hui will fulfill his military service while Kino takes over as temporary leader of PENTAGON until his discharge.

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