How to find out if your Instagram photos have been hidden or shadow ban

Instagram has released a new feature that will inform you if your content is being hidden from recommendations.

In the past, “shadow banning” occurred when a platform secretly removed content from users’ feeds without informing them.

Insta does not refer to their service in such way. According to the documentation, the new feature will let customers know whether they have been banned for violating the rules.

Find out whether your Instagram photographs have been hidden or shadow banned and how to access them.

shadow ban
shadow ban

Instagram’s Head Adam Mosseri cited a need for “transparency” as the reasoning behind the move.

“Your account may reach a status where your photographs and videos are not eligible to appear in [our] suggestions,” he explained.

It’s possible for your work to stop being suggested, as Mr. Mosseri adds, “if you have uploaded items that violate our’recommendability’ criteria or recommendation guidelines.”

Instagrammers will have the option to update or remove content that violates the rules of the service. In addition, they will have the option to contact Instagram if they believe their post was incorrectly reported.

In the Instagram app, users may see the current state of their account by tapping the profile icon, tapping the menu button, then tapping settings, account, and account status.


Instagram users will receive suggestions based on their activity. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram may introduce users to material from other communities. Users may now check Explore, Reels, and Feed Recommendations to see if their material is among those that can be suggested to those who aren’t already following them.

Understand Problems

You can view a sample of material or parts of your profile that may violate Instagram’s Recommendations Guidelines and any content that has been deleted for breaking the Community Guidelines if your account is not eligible to be recommended.

Fix problems

Users will have the option to modify or remove content that violates the app’s policies. If account holders suspect an error, they can ask for a second opinion from the editorial staff. People will be able to voice their disagreement with the choice and provide alternatives.

There is effort being put into expanding the scope of account status updates on the platform to include things like search and recommended accounts.

An issue with shadow banning

Instagram has a long history of users having their postings ‘hidden’ without their awareness, according to Dr. Carolina Are, a content moderation researcher from the Centre For Digital Citizens at Northumbria University.

Shadow banning was not something the site made them aware of, she claimed. For a long time, Instagram insisted it never happened.

Dr. Are is a pole dancing instructor and a content producer on Instagram; she claims to have been the victim of “shadow banning.”

When asked about Instagram’s shadow restriction on pole-dancing in 2019, she responded, “I personally received an apology.”

They said it was an accident that the hashtags were removed, but in reality, this is just shadow banning in action.

The difficulty with shadow banning is that users who aren’t aware that they’ve broken the rules have no way to rectify the situation.

One Reddit user previously told the BBC that he spent a whole year talking to himself because he was unaware that he had been shadow banned.

While the method does have certain advantages, they are not universal. It gives large tech firms the ability to restrict the distribution of damaging content, therefore reducing the spread of misinformation.

Dr. Are, however, thinks that it has had an outsized effect on vulnerable groups.

“I believe creators are really, very frightened about shadow banning,” she remarked. Accordingly, “it’s only fair that Instagram is going to do something about it.”

According to her, the lack of actual humans participating in the moderation process, which is frequently automated, is a major contributing factor.

As a researcher, Dr. Are has interviewed Instagram users whose accounts were suspended or deleted for breaking the platform’s rules.

Some content producers who had their accounts suspended spoke to her, and she alleges they told her they couldn’t get in touch with anybody from moderation.

She concluded that the shift was mostly superficial and theatrical. It’s true that this is a fantastic idea in theory, but without investing in human moderation, it’s not going to lead anywhere in practise.