Hayden Panettiere Shares Her Journey to Recovery from Addiction

Hayden Panettiere is getting back to her life now that she is done with drugs and drinks. The actress said that she started taking pills to help with the signs of postpartum depression. Panettiere also said that her mood swings were made worse by an old neck injury that put her on opioids. She has been to rehab before, and she said that she decided to go because she felt like she was “drowning.”

She had to go back to rehab before her 30th birthday because she had gotten jaundice and was having liver problems. After eight months, Panettiere was finally ready to go into the business, but her brother died suddenly.

Hayden Panettiere is starting a new part of her life now that she is in her 30s and no longer uses drugs or alcohol. The actress turned to the 12-step method, which is based on the idea of abstinence and helps addicts get back into life without their drugs.

Hayden Panettiere Shares Her Journey to Recovery from Addiction
Hayden Panettiere Shares Her Journey to Recovery from Addiction

Hayden Panettiere Shares Her Journey

Panettiere became addicted to booze while working on the hit musical drama “Nashville” in 2012. After giving birth in 2014, she started taking prescription painkillers. Soon after giving birth to Kaya, her daughter with ex-Wladimir Klitschko, Panettiere went through postpartum depression. In an interview with Women’s Health UK, #Panettiere talked about how she used to drink too much.

She told the Daily Mail, “So many people in my life have told me what to do and how to live.” I wanted to make my own choices, and no one could stop me. “What I put in my body felt like an act of defiance.” During the talk, Panettiere talked about drinking as a “coping mechanism,” saying that other people choose things like fitness.

“Alcohol may make you feel better in the moment, but it makes you feel so much worse the next day, and then you do it all over again,” she said. The “Heroes” star also said that she took pills to treat her postpartum depression, which she described as a feeling of “extreme hopelessness.”

Her sadness was made worse by a neck injury she had in the past that still bothered her. “I was in a lot of pain,” she said. My patience grew so fast that it became a problem.” “To deal with postpartum depression, I should have taken antidepressants, but you have to find the right one for you,” Panettiere said.

They don’t taste good with alcohol, but I wasn’t ready to give them up.” Panettiere went to rehab before, in 2016. She told Women’s Health that she chose to go because she was “drowning.” By the time she turned 30, the actor had to go through another rehab program.

This time, she was told to stay away from drugs and alcohol for the rest of her life. “My body said, ‘That’s enough,'” she said. I hit 30. My face was all swollen. I had something called jaundice. My eyes had a light yellow color. I had to see a liver specialist. I had extra weight on me that wasn’t usually there.

My hair was getting thinner and getting clumpy. The actress said that one of the most important parts of her healing has been learning to live “in forgiveness.” “Making amends” is one of the steps in her 12-step program, she said.

Panettiere added, “If someone wants to be a good person and the best version of themselves, they can make that choice.” After almost four years away from the big screen, Panettiere felt ready to go back after eight months of therapy and getting better.

But the death of her younger brother Jansen in February trumped her important return home. Jansen, who was also an actor, died in New York because her enlarged heart caused problems with her aortic valve. Even though the tragedy happened, Panettiere has said that she is committed to getting better and getting back to work. Fans can look forward to seeing the actress in her first role in the coming months.