Emma Chamberlain’s Boyfriend Tucker Pillsbury: Their Private Relationship Explored

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  • Emma Chamberlain is a famous internet personality who has interviewed many A-listers at the Met Gala in recent years.
  • She is currently in a relationship with singer Tucker Pillsbury, AKA ‘Role Model’.
  • In the past she was linked to influencers Ethan Dolan and Aaron Hull.
  • Emma is set to interview more celebrities at the Met Gala on May 1, 2023.

Internet darling Emma Chamberlain21, has easily become one of the beloved correspondents at the Met Gala in recent years. From her viral interview with Jack Harlow to fangirling over Gigi Hadid on the 2022 red carpet, it’s no wonder why everyone is obsessed with the 21-year-old beauty. Emma rose to fame in 2017 after she uploaded her first YouTube video and has since not slowed down. With over 12 million YouTube subscribers and 16 million Instagram followers, Emma is clearly one of the most successful internet personalities. However, when she’s not busy interviewing A-listers and making content, she is often spotted with her boyfriend, Tucker Pillsbury AKA ‘Role Model’25. Learn all about the duo’s low-key romance below!

emma chamberlain bf
Emma Chamberlain & Tucker Pillsbury in 2022. (Matt Baron/Shutterstock)

Who Is Emma Chamberlain’s Boyfriend?

Although Emma might be famous herself, her boyfriend is no stranger to fame either. Tucker, who is a singer known by the name Role Model, has been making music since 2017 and continues to rise to the top of the charts. The 25-year-old is originally from Maine and has released three EPs and one full-length album thus far. Tucker’s most recent album, Rxwas released in 2022, and even features his leading lady in his music video for “neverletyougo.”

During a Valentine’s Day interview with GQ in 2023, the pair joked that the 2022 music video was their “soft” launch to the world. “My dad always says that me and Tucker are soft-launched,” she joked to the outlet at the time. She added that the music video cameo, “was so soft launch. Tucker, be honest, that was a soft launch.” Despite this, Emma and Tucker did not explicitly confirm she was the brunette in the video. “There’s no proof that she was there,” he joked. “Yeah, there’s no proof,” she added. “It was a clone. Tucker’s been cloning me. Put that on the record: ‘Tucker’s cloning me.’ I’m kidding.”

When Did Emma Chamberlain & Tucker Pillsbury Start Dating?

Although their exact timeline is not known, it is speculated that the lovebirds began dating in early 2022, around the time that the “neverletyougo” video premiered. Notably, and in true Emma fashion, they made their official red carpet debut at the Vanity Fair Oscars after party in Mar. 2022. Emma declared that their “hard launch” was being on the cover of GQ in Feb. 2023, which Tucker featured on his Instagram. “happy v day @gq,” he captioned the carousel of snapshots from their loved-up photoshoot.

What The Couple Has Said About Each Other

The California native and her man do keep a relatively private romance, despite having a few interviews together. At the time of their GQ interview, they also did a sweet “couple’s quiz” video for the outlet, which has over 3.2 million views on YouTube and counting. Tucker nearly got himself into hot water when Emma asked him what city she grew up in and she wasn’t 100% sure on the answer. “I know it’s where the airport is!”, he quipped, before adding, “San bbb (sic) Bruno!”

Tucker also explained to the outlet why they stay out of the spotlight, for the most part. “We just are trying to be professional within our own careers,” he shared. “We had conversations about it from the start. My goal was to never be able to attribute my success or anything to someone else. I was always very proud of what I had built, so I was very scared I was just going to lose that.”

His girlfriend, however, is a bit tired of being “secret” of their romance. “I know that people are going to be like, ‘Emma, you’re a f****** hypocrite,’ because I always said this is something I will never do,” she said to the outlet. “There’s parts of our relationship that are going to be private forever, and those things we keep sacred. But I don’t think we need to be secret anymore. It’s just like, I’m over that s***.”

Emma’s Past Romances

Prior to her committed relationship with the “a little more time” hitmaker, Emma was linked to two other internet sensations. In 2020, Emma told her YouTube followers that she “liked this guy” and although she did not name him, many linked her to aaron holl. By Sept. of that year, Aaron posted a YouTube video noting what happened in their brief romance. “Distance and everything, the formula was just too hard. I think, from my point of view,” he said at the time. “No, I did not cheat on Emma and I would not ever want to have a bad ending with Emma, but at that point, it was out of my hands.” And before her brief fling with Aaron, Emma was linked to YouTuber Ethan Dolanper J-14. The sparked dating rumors in 2018, however, neither of them ever confirmed if it was true.

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