Elsa Hosk Flaunts ‘Mombod’ in Pink Bikini

The beauty recently teased her 8.4 million followers with a hot new post on Instagram, which got people talking. Hosk put out a hot video of herself having fun in the sun while wearing a short bikini that showed off her great curves. On the video, the Swedish beauty was posing on the porch in the bright sunlight, which gave her nicely tanned skin a beautiful glow. She leaned against a low gray chair, bent her knee, and put her right foot on the cushion.

The 34-year-old woman put her hands behind her back and rubbed her fingers through her blonde hair. Hosk changed things up by pulling the straps of her bikini top in, which showed off her bust. After that, she was seen lying on her back on the sunbed, with her legs turned to the side and her arms above her head. Hosk showed off more sexual poses, like one that showed off her perky buns and beautiful legs.

Elsa Hosk Flaunts 'Mombod' in Pink Bikini
Elsa Hosk Flaunts ‘Mombod’ in Pink Bikini

Elsa Hosk Flaunts ‘Mombod’ in Pink Bikini

The former Victoria’s Secret Angel wore a bright pink bikini by Lavarice that showed off her amazing body. Her swimsuit had a triangle-shaped top with thin straps that showed off Hosk’s toned arms and shoulders. The dress also had a scandalous neckline that dropped daringly low, exposing almost all of her chest and giving everyone a good look at her breast.

The bikini pants that went with the tops were also a sight to see. It was cut in a way that showed off her toned legs and full hips. Her swimsuit had a high belt that hugged her hips. This made her hips stand out.

The low-cut front, on the other hand, drew attention to her toned stomach and abs. Hosk let her golden hair hang down in soft waves and parted it in the middle. She didn’t wear any ornaments, letting her well-toned body do the talking. Hosk, who looks like a doll, added Aqua’s 1997 hit song “Barbie Girl.” Since it went live on her account, a lot of her friends have watched and liked the video.

Some of Hosk’s fans, other celebrities, and even her partner Tom Daly rushed to the comments section to say how much they love her. But some people didn’t like the remark, which she has since taken down. “It still belongs to Mombod.” Hosk put pen to paper. “Elsa’s job is to look beautiful.

But most moms don’t think this mombod is at all possible. “It’s sad that this is what we are expected to look like because society makes moms feel guilty for a lot of things,” said one person. “Mom figure?” Most people’s hopes are unrealistic. Even before they get pregnant, most women are not as thin as they used to be.

“It’s not body shaming; it’s just not realistic for many women,” said someone else. “I apologize. That doesn’t sound good. It’s also a terrible role model for women who aren’t size 0 because it’s impossible to reach and makes many women have low self-esteem. Another reviewer said, “I’m glad she can make money doing what she does, but neither I nor my boyfriend find it interesting.”