Drake Shows Off Chiseled Abs in Towel After Cold Plunge

He is known as Mike the Magician. Drake’s most recent thirst trap was a half-naked selfie that made him look like a stripper. The Canadian star is used to making women swoon with his good looks and bad boy attitude. The 36-year-old has a lot of fans who like him as a rapper as well as the way he looks. Artist Champagne Papi has a big following on social media, and he posts new updates about his life all the time to talk to his fans.

In a recent update, the singer showed fans how he works out to stay in shape. The “Rich Flex” singer turned his 135 million Instagram fans into happy sinners on April 18 when he posted an offensive photo to his Instagram Story.

The winner of the AMA stood shirtless in front of a TV on the wall showing a basketball game. He swapped his shirt for a towel.

Drake Shows Off Chiseled Abs in Towel After Cold Plunge
Drake Shows Off Chiseled Abs in Towel After Cold Plunge

Drake Shows Off Chiseled Abs in Towel After Cold Plunge

Even though the 36-year-old has posted a lot of naked pictures, his most recent one showed that the Toronto native keeps his body in good shape. In the sexy picture, the “Hotline Bling” singer showed off his tattoos and his abs, which looked delicious. 

The seductive post reached dangerous heights when Drake‘s white towel hung below his waist and almost showed what it barely covered. “5 minutes cold plunge for the soul,” he wrote as the description for the picture of him half-naked.

The ARIA Music Award nominee didn’t seem worried about the debate surrounding his new music, judging by the seductive tone of his message. In his new song “Rescue Me,” which came out earlier this month, the father of one seemed to attack Kanye’ Ye’ West.

Even though the “Nice for What” rapper didn’t say anything about the hip-hop star, his song had a clip of his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, talking. The clip came from an episode of the socialite’s reality show, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

“I didn’t come all this way just to be sad. “Remember that,” the founder of KKW Beauty said in the video, referring to her troubled marriage to the father of her four children. Drake hasn’t explained why he used lines from Kim Kardashian in his song.

It could also be part of the Canadian’s unique style of naming his exes in his songs. The 36-year-old man once said that he had an affair with the TV star, which led to his fight with West. After the singer of “Toosie Slide” said he had slept with the curvy lady, both Kardashian and her ex-husband denied it.

He also yelled at the man from Toronto for acting like he was cheating on his wife. West told Drake in an interview in 2021, “You did what you did.” “It’s like throwing a marble while hiding your hand.”

The fight between the two artists went on until October 2022, when the singer of “God’s Plan” liked a post by the older performer that seemed to call for an end to the fight.

After his controversial “White Lives Matter” show in Paris, the singer of “Gold Digger” was glad to see the sign of support. On Instagram, Ye wrote, “Everyone knows that Drake and I have been rivals in the past. It really warmed my heart to see Drake like one of my posts.”

The 45-year-old also said Drake’s music would be played at his Christian private school’s basketball games. It’s not clear if the Canadian’s song will make them fight again. The Blast said before that the “Started From the Bottom” artist wrote a poetic Instagram post about how he felt about women.

The man who already had a child posted a picture of himself on a roof looking out at the sky with a poetic comment. Drake wrote the musical piece himself, and it was about his personal life. Even though he liked going to parties and clubs, the 36-year-old man said he had no plans to find real love there.

“Why would I want someone who is going to be where I will be?” “I know what happens at these things,” the rapper said. “My kind of women would probably be making herself a cup of tea at home.”

When asked about celebrities who met their wives on dating sites like Raya, the Billboard chart-topper said that he didn’t want to do that. “And God knows that the dating profile life ain’t for me,” Drake said. How would, say, my Raya bio sound? Why would I give Raya free bars?”