Devika Ghorpade, India’s latest boxing gold medalist will motivate you on Instagram.

Devika Ghorpade, who was born in the city of Pune and who just brought home the gold medal at the Youth World Championships

This article provides a more in-depth profile of the Indian boxer Devika Ghorpade, who was born in the city of Pune and who just brought home the gold medal at the Youth World Championships for her nation. Ghorpade is also a legitimate star on several social media platforms.

Boxers from India named Devika Ghorpade, Vishwanath Suresh, and Vanshaj recently brought gold medals back with them after competing at the IBA Youth Men’s and Women’s World Boxing Championships 2022 in La Nucia, Spain.

These championships were held for young men and women. They more than lived up to the expectations that were placed upon them due to the fact that the three individuals were thought to be the favourites to gain the title of junior world champion.

As a consequence of India’s collection of 11 medals in the competition that is still going on, India is currently in first place. The competition is still going on. Ghorpade, who was born and raised in the city of Pune, has been recognised with a great deal of acclaim during the course of his life.

Devika Ghorpade, India's latest boxing gold medalist
Devika Ghorpade, India’s latest boxing gold medalist

Even though her achievements as a boxer were what brought her to the forefront of public recognition, she has also been able to amass a sizeable fan following on Instagram as a result of the reels that she posts on that platform. This has been possible due to the fact that she is able to post her highlights there.

The young lady, who was born on February 2nd, 2005, triumphed in the final of the women’s 52-kilogramme class, defeating Lauren Mackie of England by a score of 5-0 with a unanimous decision. The date February 2, 2005, serves as the young lady’s birthdate.

In the past, Devika has competed in a number of national events and achieved great success. In 2017, she triumphed at the West Zone India Championship, taking first place overall. In 2018, she was victorious at the state championships, taking home multiple gold medals.

The most recent time she competed was on January 19, 2019, when she competed in Pune for the Khelo India DG Sports Authority of India competition. She earned first place in the 46-kilogram category.

She has more than 2800 followers on Instagram, and she makes regular use of the platform to publish updates on her day-to-day activities to share with her audience. In addition to the successes, she has had inside the boxing ring, the young boxer has amassed a considerable following on Instagram.

Devika Ghorpade is without a doubt one of the boxers of the next generation who has the most potential to become successful. Regardless of whether the content you are viewing features her dancing to popular songs or footage of her working out at a gym, Ghorpade is someone who deserves your attention and should be viewed carefully.

This is true whether the content features her dancing to popular tunes or footage of her working out. Devika informed all of her fans that she had recently been presented with the gold medal in a boxing competition for young people. The competition was held in the United States. In addition to this, she distributed images of herself at the medal presentation, in which she was seen atop the podium.

The announcement was accompanied by the uploading of these pictures. The warrior announced herself to her followers on Instagram by writing that she was the “YOUTH WORLD CHAMPION” in the description of one of her pictures.

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