Demi Lovato’s Bedchella Outfit Steals the Show, Wins Jutes’ Heart

In new photos, Demi Lovato shows off how hot she is, and her boyfriend Jutes is there to take it all in. The famous couple doesn’t need a big event to shower each other with love and attention, and they don’t need anyone’s permission to sing their praises.

Like yin and yang, these two are always a good match, and they always give each other the praise they deserve. Once again, the 30-year-old pop star was in charge. She sent out the tastiest thirst traps she could find, and as usual, her lover was there to drool all over her.

The singer of “Heart Attack” began her day with a four-frame post on social media. She wore a white tank top, Calvin Klein shorts, and a big leather jacket with a zipper to get her more than 150 million Instagram fans excited. The “Sorry, Not Sorry” singer wore her black hair in waves that went well with her casual outfit and made her face flush.

Demi Lovato’s Bedchella Outfit

Demi Lovato's Bedchella Outfit Steals the Show, Wins Jutes' Heart
Demi Lovato’s Bedchella Outfit Steals the Show, Wins Jutes’ Heart

In the next reel, “Cool for the Summer” showed off her inner model by taking different poses. The pictures showed her tattoo of a spider web and the huge bed she was lying on. The bed was made up with white sheets and a few pillows. “Bedchella anyone?”

was all Lovato’s Canadian boyfriend needed to know that he could come give her some love. Still talking about Coachella in the caption, Jutes answered, “Let me get the VIP full access pass.” “@jutesmusic, you already got it, baby,” the singer replied. In the comments, the Canadian artist kept saying how much he liked his partner, who is an artist with many talents.

As usual, he used his Instagram Story to show how beautiful she was. He was very eager to send her the nicest message ever. “You’re the cutest baby in the world,” he wrote. As thirsty as Lovato’s fans were, they filled the comments with wishes.

“Coachella, who?” asked one fan. PLEASE GET ME A TICKET TO THE SHOW.” “My jaw is on the floor,” another person said. “OMG, Bedchella is my jam,” another fan wrote. “WOW, OKAY, THIS IS EVERYTHING,” said a second fan. “YOU’RE EVERYTHING!!”

This post comes only a few weeks after the couple held hands and kissed at a Lakers game. During the basketball game, the singer of “Tell Me You Love Me” took a video of herself with her handsome boyfriend and some of her fans. In the beginning of the first post, the couple kissed each other on the face, made peace signs, and pouted their lips for the camera.

After a while, the actress from “Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam” and her boyfriend, an indie-rock artist, kissed twice. Later, Lovato moved the camera to catch her second friend, Libby Kelter, and all three of them smiled for the camera.

Then, the performer showed a happy woman in the seats who was holding a sign that said “I [heart sign] Demi.” It also showed more excited fans waving at the sons from close by. The upload had the message “I love y’all sm.”

The singer of “Remember December” is starting to mix her love life and work life in ways that fans didn’t expect but are getting used to. In an interview with CBS Mornings, the famous person hinted that her romantic life would affect the music on her next record.

When asked about her planned ninth studio album, the singer of “Skyscraper” said that she can’t write much because she’s happy and calm. “I am in a great situation. I’m thrilled. I’m not sure what my next record will be about.

It feels great, but I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it.” After that, Lovato said that love songs might be a part of a project she is working on in the future. “For sure, a bunch of sad love songs.” After a few minutes, the “Made in the USA” singer talked about her last album “Holy Fvck” and how she used it to go back to her musical roots because “this generation is hungry for it.”

She said, “I wanted to go back to my roots. This music makes me feel so many different things, whether I’m sad or having fun with my friends.” In the chat, she talked about the interesting parts of the genre instead of following the crowd in saying that it was too dark. “Whether it was angst, falling in love, or sadness,” Lovato said, “I always made music to inspire others while also doing what I love.”