Bartise Bowden Reveals Son’s Name and Introduces Mom!

When “Love Is Blind” actor Bartise Bowden said he has a son, everyone was surprised. People who had been watching him were surprised by the news, because they didn’t understand how he could have had a child while he was on back-to-back reality TV shows. He posted the news on Instagram with a slideshow of pictures of the baby, but he didn’t say who the mother was or what the baby’s name was.

Now, just over a week later, the solutions they were looking for are on the Internet. Bowden, who was on the Netflix reality show in season 3, showed up in a video at the season 4 end on Sunday night. While holding his son, he told everyone who was there about him.

“This is my son Hayden,” he said. “He also loves the ‘Love Is Blind’ books a lot.” He went on to say that his son “hasn’t watched daddy’s season, and hopefully he never will.” He posted on Instagram less than two weeks ago that he is a dad. This surprised a lot of people, who rushed to the comments to talk about how they felt and ask questions.

Bartise Bowden Reveals Son's Name and Introduces Mom!
Bartise Bowden Reveals Son’s Name and Introduces Mom!

Bartise Bowden reveals Son’s

Many people were confused by the timing, since he had just been on two reality dating shows in a row, and others were curious about the mother. “The maths doesn’t add up,” said one user. “If he did two shows back to back, wouldn’t that mean he left a pregnant girl at home to go find someone else on a dating show?”

When people heard that Bowden was a dad, they started looking for answers on the internet. Some people said that the strange timing of the baby’s birth and the filming of the reality shows “Love Is Blind” and “Perfect Match” didn’t “add up.” Others, who didn’t seem to like the reality star “villain,” just wanted to know who the baby’s mother is out of interest.

When TikTokers work together and put their minds to work, they rarely fail. That’s what happened here. A lot of people who make videos on the site quickly figured out who the mother is and posted videos about it. Everyone talked about how great TikToker Liv Jean was. Some people didn’t think that was enough, so US Weekly got court papers about Bowden’s child with the baby’s mother, Olivia Gross.

Life & Style says that the kid was born on December 27, 2022. This should clear up some of the confusion. Julie Louise, a TikToker, broke down the baby mama situation for those who were interested. She wrote in the title of her reveal video, “@bartiseb is now a dad, and the mother has been revealed.”

In a “open case” he filed on Monday, her name was made public. “Can anyone tell me what that thing is?” One person made a guess about what the open case might be referring to. “An open case means that a court case is still going on or that a case is still going on with social services,” they said.

Someone else said, “I think a case that is still open has something to do with shared custody and child support.” Another user did their own research, which may have helped clear up the confusion about the time. “From what I’ve seen, it looks like she didn’t know she was pregnant.” They wrote, “A different man was there at the gender reveal.”