Watch Ariana Madix scream at Tom Sandoval in explosive ‘Pump Rules’ finale trailer

Ariana Madix screams at ex-boyfriend Tom Sandoval over his months-long affair with their co-star Raquel Leviss in the “Vanderpump Rules” Season 10 finale trailer.

Madix, 37, notably rips into Sandoval, 40, when discussing his dynamic with Leviss.

Sandoval tells Madix that he and 28-year-old Leviss “became, like, really good friends” — which prompts the Something About Her co-founder to verbally annihilate him at a high decibel level.

“I don’t give a f—k about f—king Raquel!” she exclaims in apparent frustration. “Your friendship is f—king bulls—t!”

Sandoval then defends his chemistry with Leviss, who was once a close friend of Madix.

Ariana Madix screaming on "Vanderpump Rules"
Ariana Madix screams at Tom Sandoval in the “Vanderpump Rules” Season 10 finale trailer.
Ariana Madix screaming on "Vanderpump Rules"
“I don’t give a f—k about f—king Raquel (Leviss)!” Madix exclaims. “Your friendship is f—king bulls—t!”

“No, it’s not!” the cover band singer yells back, to which the actress shouts even louder, “Yes, it is!”

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Madix goes on to tell Sandoval that she “(regrets) ever loving” him.

Tom Sandoval he "Vanderpump Rules"
Sandoval attempts to justify his relationship with affair partner Leviss in the sneak peek.

Leviss, who only makes one appearance in the sneak peek, has a more lax attitude about the situation.

“It turned out so horribly wrong,” the former pageant queen tells Sandoval with a chuckle while discussing their headline-making dalliance, widely referred to as “Scandoval” among netizens.

Elsewhere, Sandoval claims he was “going to break up with Ariana regardless.” However, co-star Scheana Shay quickly puts the bar owner in his place.

Tom Sandoval embracing a co-star on "Vanderpump Rules"
“VPR” Season 10 is ending on an emotional note.

“But you didn’t,” the “Good as Gold” singer, 37, replies coldly. “You f—ked her best friend instead.”

In March, Page Six exclusively reported that Madix left her first post-affair conversation with Sandoval feeling “gaslit.”

“He gave her several excuses as to why he never copped to cheating,” an insider said of the scene filmed at the exes’ shared home in Valley Village, Calif.

Raquel Leviss and Ariana Madix posing for a selfie
Leviss and Madix were close friends prior to the scandal.
Raquel Leviss, Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix on "Vanderpump Rules"
After nearly 10 years together, Madix dumped Sandoval in March when she discovered his infidelity.
Nicole Weingart/Bravo

“He didn’t tell her about the affair with Leviss because he was worried about how it would impact her mental health.”

Meanwhile, Sandoval and Leviss shared an onscreen kiss during their first “VPR” scene filmed after their hidden romance was revealed March 3, insiders told us.

Madix was “heartbroken” and “blindsided” when she learned of the affair after a sexually explicit video featuring Leviss popped up on Sandoval’s phone the night of March 1, a source previously told Page Six.

Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss posing for a selfie
Leviss is currently seeking treatment at a mental health facility in the wake of her headline-making dalliance with Sandoval.
Instagram/ Raquel Leviss

Madix swiftly dumped Sandoval after nearly 10 years together.

These days, Sandoval and Leviss’ relationship status remains in flux as the latter continues to seek treatment at a mental health facility in Arizona.

But Madix has seemingly moved on with a new man named Daniel Wai. She was spotted kissing the hunky fitness pro last month at Coachella and again at Los Angeles’ LAX airport.

“Vanderpump Rules” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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